Changes in Quality of Pickled Pike-Perch (Sander lucioperca Bogustkaya & Naseka, 1996) in Fridge Conditions


Abstract: Chemical, physical and sensory changes in the fridge condition of Pike-Perch, pickled in various salt concentrations (15%, 20% and 25%), were investigated in this study. During the storage period, a significant decrease in the amount of crude protein and lipid as well as an increase in dry matter and crude ash values were observed in all groups. However, a decrease in protein and lipid levels occurred depending on salt concentrations (p<0.01). The effect of the amount of salt and the duration in salt on two of the important criteria for food decomposition, TVB-N and TBA, were significant (p<0.01). Overall, pH levels were not significantly different for the three groups. Appearance, smell, mastication features, colour and taste of pickled Pike-Perch, prepared in different salt concentrations (15%, 20% and 25%) did not show any significant difference.

Keywords: Pike-Perch, Sander lucioperca, Brine, Refrigerator, Chemically, Physically, Quality Changes

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