Long-term Administration of Alcohol in Rats: Effects on Glucagon and Insulin Levels in Sera During Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy and Lactation Periods


Abstract: The effects of long-term administration of ethyl alcohol on insulin and glucagon hormone levels during pregnancy and lactation periods of rats were investigated. Female wistar albinos, 200±20 g, were used in this study. The control group consisted of 15 rats, and the experimental group consist of 25 ethyl-alcohol-addicted rats. While 0.9% saline (with sucrose) was to the control group, a 5 g kg perday dose of 20% ethyl alcohol was given to the experimental group. Blood samples were taken five times, during the pre-pregnancy (1), pregnancy (3), lactation (1) periods. Insulin and glucagon levels of sera were measured by RIA method. Insulin hormone levels increased until the 3rd trimester in the control group and decreased during subsequent periods. Similar results were observed in the experimental group but levels in the experimental group in the pre-pregnancy period were lower than those in the control group, and in the pregnancy phase they were higher (p<0.01). Glucagon levels in both groups began to increase, then decreased during the 3^{rd} trimester and again increased in the lactation period. However, higher serum insulin levels were found in the experimental group compared to the control group and glucagon levels were higher in the control group than in the experimental group. In conclusion it was seen that for the experimental group while serum insulin levels were increasing, glucagon levels decreased in all periods except the pre-pregnancy phase.

Keywords: Glucagon, Insulin, Ethyl Alcohol, Rats, Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Lactation

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