Investigation on the Skin Structure of Lincoln Longwool x Konya Merino Cross-bred (F1 and B1) Sheep


Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the possible changes in the skin structure of F1 and B1 cross-breeds, which were obtained by crossing Lincoln Longwools with Konya Merinos. The skin of five animals from each genotype group was used in this study. Over a period of five years and in each season, biopsy samples of various body regions (neck, flank and hip) were obtained. The results of this investigation can be summarized as follows. When compared with their pure lines, the raw skin characteristics of F1 and B1 cross-breeds were found to be superior. However, wool production in F1 and B1 breeds was lower than that in Konya Merinos.

Keywords: Hair follicles, Sheep, Skin, Skin glands.

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