Slaughter and Carcass Traits of Native Geese Reared in Local Breeder Conditions in Kars


Abstract: This study investigated the slaughter and carcass traits of native geese reared in local breeder conditions in Kars. The mean values of slaughter weight, carcass weight, dressing percentage, gizzard weight, liver weight, heart weight, abdominal fat weight and shank weight were 4841.0g, 3137.1g, 64.75%, 173.3g, 62.5g, 37.9g, 173.9g and 132.5g for males, and 4622.7g, 2914.1g, 63.00%, 165.5g, 63.9g, 32.9g, 203.1g and 114.1g for females respectively. Sex significantly affected all the investigated traits excluding liver weight. Males were significantly heavier than females for all the traits.

Keywords: Native Geese, slaughter traits, carcass traits

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