Effects of Environmental and Hereditary Factors on Lamb Production Traits in White Karaman and Anatolian Merino Ewes


Abstract: The effects of age, breed and transferrin polymorphism on some reproductive characteristics in a flock consisting of White Karaman and Anatolian Merino sheep breeds were analyzed. It was found that while the effect of age on the number of lambs born and the number of lambs weaned was significant (P<0.01), the effects of breed, transferrin genotypes and homozygous and heterozygous transferrin groups on the reproductive characteristics investigated were not significant. From our research findings, it was concluded that the transferrin genotypes can not beused as an early selection criterion for improving the reproductive characteristics of White Karaman and Anatolian Merino ewes.

Keywords: Ewes, breed, age, transferrin polymorphism, lamb production

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