The Phenotypic Correlations Among Some Physical Characteristics of Coarse and Down Fibers Obtained from Hair Goat Raising in Turkey


Abstract: In this research, phenotypic correlations among the physical characteristics of coarse, down and coarse-down fibers obtained from hair goats. Although generally significant (p<0.01) relationships were found between fiber diameter and natural length of coarse fibers for every province, the relationships among the same characteristics of down fibers were found to be significiant (p<0.01) only for İzmir province. While there were significant (p<0.01) relationships between fiber diameter and number of crimps of down fibers for only Kars province and the sum of the provinces, the relationships between natural and real fiber lengths of down fibers were significiant (p<0.01) for every province and the sum of the provinces. The phenotypic correlations between coarse and down fiber diameters were also significant (p<0.01) for every province and the sum of the provinces.

Keywords: Hair goat, coarse and down fiber, physical characteristics, phenotypic correlations.

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