Effects of Some Environmental Factors on Reproductive Characters of Awassi and Redkaraman Ewes


Abstract: In this research, the effects of some environmental factors on the reproductive characters of Awassi and Redkaraman ewes reared at the Research and Application Farm of Agricultural College at Atatürk University were investigated. Year, age of ewes, breed and the linear effect of body weight of ewes at the beginning of mating were studied. The year had no significant effect on any of the reproductive characters. Age of ewes, breed and body weight of ewes at the start of mating caused highly significant (P<0.01) variations in all the reproductive characters concerning per ewe mated. The age of ewes also had significant (P<0.05) and highly significant (P<0.01) effects on the number of lambs weaned and surviving 120 days per lambing ewe.

Keywords: Awassi, Redkaraman, Reproductive characters, Environmental factors

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