A Study on the Determination of Some Parameters of the Scorpion Fish (Scorpaena porcus Linne., 1758) Caught by Bottom Nets in the Area of Sinop in Terms of Fishery Biology


Abstract: In the present research, which was carried out during the period of June 1996 to May 1997 in order to determine some population parameters of the scorpion fish (Scorpaena porcus Linne., 1758) in the Sinop region, a total of 633 individuals were investigated according to age, length, weight and sex composition, growth rate, the relationship of length-weight, Von Bertalanffy Growth Formula and the condition factor. The sex ratio of the stock was determined to be 43.76% female and 56.24% male and it was found that the fish were 1-6 years old. In the research, the relationship of length-weight was found to be W=0.054 L ^{2.59}, the Von Bertalanffy Growth Formula to be Lt = 40.81 [ 1 - e ^{-0.107 ( t + 2.227)} ] and the average condition factor to be 1.737 ± 0.015.

Keywords: Scorpion fish, Scorpaena porcus (Linne., 1758), population parameters, bottom nets, Black Sea

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