Selection by Cluster Analysis


Abstract: The aim of this study was to show that cluster analysis, which has been used in different disciplines, can be used in animal breeding studies. This study included 535 Arabian colts and 392 Arabian fillies (total: 927) that were offered for sale between 1980 and 1998, bred at Çifteler State Farm. As a cluster method, the k-means method was used. In terms of determination of clusters, the data used were age, height at withers, heart girth and cannon bone circumference. This information was obtained from the marketing catalogue. The clusters were obtained for each sex separately. Colts were divided into 16 clusters, and fillies were divided into 14 clusters. For the application of statistical analysis, SPSS for Windows Release 10.0 was used.

Keywords: Cluster Analysis, k-Means Method, Animal Breeding, Selection, Arabian Colts/Fillies

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