The Incidence and Pathology of Reproductive Organ Tumors in Chickens


Abstract: This study was performed to determine the incidence and anatomo-pathologic aspects of reproductive organ tumors in laying chickens. For this research, 10,475 16-18-month-old, commercial laying hens of the Babcock genotype were obtained from four flocks in Afyon city. They were examined right after slaughtering, and reproductive organ tumors in 804 hens (7.67%) were observed. Out of these 804 hens, leiomyoma was found in 760 hens (7.25%), oviduct adenocarcinoma in 39 hens (0.37%) and leiomyoma together with oviduct adenocarcinoma in 5 hens (0.05%) were detected. Oviduct adenocarcinomas were observed in the magnum of the oviduct in 43 cases (0.41%) and in the isthmus in one case (0.01%). Leiomyomas were detected in the ventral ligament of the oviduct in 763 cases (7.28%) and in the magnum of the oviduct in 2 cases (0.02%). In 40 cases of oviduct adenocarcinomas, metastases were observed in the intestines, pancreas, mesentery, spleen, gizzard and ovary. The macroscopic and light microscopic characteristics of these tumors were reported in detail.

Keywords: Tumor, Reproductive Organ, Laying Hen

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