A Study on the Fattening Performance of Tushin Lambs Subjected to Intensive Feeding


Abstract: Some characteristics related with the fattening performance of Tushin lambs reared in the Research and Application Farm of Ataturk University and subjected to intensive fattening were determined. The inital fattening weight, final fattening weight, and total and daily weight gain during the fattening period were 19.71 kg, 38.07 kg, 18.35 kg and 203.48 g respectively. The feed conversion ratio (kg feed consumed/kg live weight gain) was 5.01. The effect of year on final fattening weight, total weight gain and average daily weight gain was found to be significant (p<0.05). The results obtained from this study related with fattening performance were compared with other studies carried out on Morkaraman and Akkaraman lambs and the average values observed in this investigation were similar to those of the other studies.

Keywords: Intensive Feeding, Tushin, Lamb, Fattening Performance

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