Effects of Enzyme Supplementation to Corn or Wheat Based Diets Containing Low Energy and Protein on Broiler Chick Performance


Abstract: Two experiments were carried out in order to determine the effect of corn-soybean meal or wheat-soybean meal based diets containing low energy (DE) and low energy-low protein (DEDP) supplemented with enzyme on the performance of broiler chicks between 0 and 21 days of age. In the first experiment, three diets, namely, control, low energy (DE) and low energy-protein (DEDP) based on corn-soybean meal, were formulated. In the second experiment, control and three diets containing 40% wheat which have normal energy-protein (NENP), low energy (DE) and low energy-protein (DEDP) levels were used. The enzyme was added to the experimental diets, except for the control diets. The DE and DEDP diets containing corn or wheat significantly decreased body weight gains (CAK) and feed utilizations in chicks compared to control diets and NENP diet. Protein efficiency in chicks fed DE diets was lower than those fed control diets (P<0.05). The chicks fed diets containing 40% wheat (Experiment 2) produced less (P<0.05) excreta than those fed the control diet. In addition, pH values in the duedonum of chicks fed the DE diet (Experiment 1) were lower (P<0.05) than in those birds fed the control diet. In the second experiment, the DEDP diet decreased (P<0.05) duodenal pH values compared to chicks fed the NENP diet (P<0.05).

Keywords: Broiler chicks, corn, wheat, enzyme, low energy, low protein

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