Cost of Mastitis in Scottish Dairy Herds with Low and High Subclinical Mastitis Problems


Abstract: The aim of this study was to estimate the cost of mastitis and the contribution of each cost component of mastitis to the total mastitis induced cost in herds with low and high levels of subclinical mastitis under Scottish field conditions. It was estimated that mastitis cost £140 per cow/year to the average Scottish dairy farmer in 1996. However, this figure was as low as £69 per cow/year in herds with lower levels of subclinical mastitis, and as high as £228 cow/year in herds with high sub- clinical mastitis. The magnitude and proportion of the cost components in the total cost of mastitis were significantly different in herds with high subclinical mastitis and those with low levels of subclinical mastitis. However, losses due to milk yield depression were found to be the most significant cost components in both herd groups.

Keywords: Dairy cows, mastitis, costs

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