Comparison of the Distribution of C-fos With Primary Afferent Markers


Abstract: The neuropeptides Substance P (SP) and Calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP) were used as markers for peptidergic primary afferent fibres. A lectine, Griffonia simplicifolia (Bandeiraea simplicifolia)Isolectin-B4 (GSA I-B4), was used as a marker for non-peptidergic primary afferent fibres. C-Fos immunoreactivity was determined in the spinal cord of rats which had received 100% mustard oil application in the right hind limb. Darkly labelled c-Fos immunoreactive cells were concentrated in laminae I-IIo of the dorsal horn. SP and GSA I-B4 were distributed almost in the same regions. CGRP was more abundant in laminae I-IIo with someimmunoreactive fibres in lamina IIi. These data suggest that a population of peptidergic and non-peptide primary afferents may play an important function in the induction of c-fos by mustard oil.

Keywords: c-fos, neuropeptides, lectin, primary afferent fibres, spinal cord.

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