The Effect of Some Testicular Characteristics of Akkaraman and Awassi Rams on Litter Size

Authors: Ayhan ÖZTÜRK, Birol DAĞ, Uğur ZÜLKADİR

Abstract: In this study, some testis characteristics of 27 Akkaraman and 28 Awassi rams were determined and the relationship between testis size and their mothersÕ litter size were investigated. Testis diameter, testis lenght, scrotal circumference and scrotum lenght were found as 6.44, 12.17, 33.75 and 18.03 cm for Akkaraman rams and for Awassi rams 5.86, 11.95, 31.70 and 17.63 cm, respectively. There were statistically significant differences between breeds for testis diameter and scrotal circumference (P<0.01), and the differences for testis lenghts and scrotum lenght were no found significant. Correlations between liveweights and testis measurements were foun statistically significant for Akkaraman rams, and foun insignificant for Awassi rams. The results of this investigation indicated that there were no significant differences between litter sizes of rams' mothers having large and little testis size for both breeds.

Keywords: Akkaraman, Awassi, Ram, Testicular characteristics.