Proteolitic Enzyme Activities in Some Fishery Products (Catepsin D and Casein Test)


Abstract: In this study, proteolitic enzym activities searched on fillets and organs of brined and salted ringa ( Clupea harengus ), frozen Sebastes marinus and fresh cod ( Gadus morrhua ) with using Catepsin D (mg Tyrosin/L -1 ) and Casein (unit/mg) tests. At the end of the study proteolytic enzym activity determined with using Catepsin D on studied fishs, was higher than the proteolitic enzym activity determined with using Casein test. It was determined higher activity in organs (especially intestine and pyloric caeca) than the fillets. Because of this reason, after fishing as soon as organs and blood must remove to protect quality of fish and for a long shelflife.


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