Determination of Listeria, Salmonella, E.coli Type 1, and K.pneumoniae in Ice Cream Samples Marketed in Elazig

Authors: Ali ARSLAN, Zafer GÖNÜLALAN, Gülsüm ATEŞ, Abamüslüm GÜVEN

Abstract: This study was performed to study for the presence of E.coli type 1, K.pneumoniae. Listeria and Salmonella species in Ice cream samples marketed in Elazig. Of 73 samples examined, 22 (30.13 %) had E.coli type 1. The numbers of samples containing K.pneumoniae, E.coli type 1 + K.pneumoniae, E.coli type 1 + K.pneumoniae + Listeria, E.coli type 1 Listeria were 18 (24.65 %), 30 (41.19 %), 1 (1.36 %), 1 (1.36 %) respectively. Two samples had Listeria species. The result of identification of Listeria species have shown that all (s) isolates in the first sample belonged to L.monocytogenes. In the second sample 3 isolates were L.monocytogenes, one of the remaining isolates belonged to L.innocua and the other was L.grayii. All samples were negative for Salmonella. The result of this study indicates that ice cream samples marketed at Elazig region do not meet microbiological quality standarts required for consumer health.

Keywords: Ice Cream, Listeria, Salmonella, E.coli type 1, K.pneumoniae