Gonioscopic Diagnosis and Operatife Treatment of Glaucoma in Dog Breeds

Authors: Faruk AKIN

Abstract: Intraocular pressure of 104 eyes of 52 dogs were measured using Schiøtz's tonometer between 1995-1996. Obtained scala readings were conversed according to Peiffer's canine calibration table. Lig. pectineum and iridocorneal angles were observed by the help of gonioscopy and slit-lamp. Gonioscopic findigs were evaluated in association with intraoculer pressure separatley. Intraoculer pressures were found higher than normal levels according to finding first of all in Kangal breeds then in half-breed Kangals and the other breeds. The standart deviations were calculated and the pressures were observed to be nearly >30 mmHg. Position of lig. pectineum and the angles were examinated by the help of gonioscopy in five breeds and in Kangal breeds any dysgenesia that may be a risk or predisposition to glaucoma cannot be recorded.

Keywords: Glaucom, Gonioscopi, Dysgenesia, Kangal.

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