A Research on the Growth Rate on the Mullet (Mugil auratus RISSO, 1810) Fingerlings Fed Different Diets in Cages


Abstract: This research was conducted to determine the effect of different feeds on the growth rate of mullet juveniles (M. auratus R. 1810). Juveniles with a initial mean weight of 14.15 g and 14.71 g were feed a semi-moist diet (%50 trout viscera + %25 soybean meal + %25 high quality wheat bran) and carp pellets for a period of 60 days in marine cages. At the end of the experiment, final average weights were determined as 28.83± 0.6 g and 22.04±0.6 g have been obtained, respectively. The difference between the two harvesting weights was found statistically significant (P<0.05). The daily growth rates were found as 1.63% and 0.83% respectively.

Keywords: Mugil, semi-moist feed, growth, feeding

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