A Comparison of the Dwarf(Ross) and Normal (Hubbard) Broiler Parents with Respect to Some Production Traits


Abstract: This research was conducted to compare some production traits Dwarf (Ross) and Normal (Hubbard) broiler parents. Material for this research consisted of dwarf and normal broiler parents hatched in the same period.For the dwarf and normal parent groups, mean live weights at the 20. weeks of ages were 1740.5 gr and 2000.3 gr (P<0.01).Sexual maturity ages (age at %5 egg production) for the groups were 168 and 176 day. Hen-day egg production values of normal parent was higher than dwarf parent(P<0.01).In addition, mean eggs weight values were higher in normal parent than the values for dwarfs during whole egg production period (P<0.05 ; P<0.01). The differences in mortality during the rearing period and laying period were not significant for between two groups. It was determined that , feed consumption of dwarf parent was less than that normal parent.On the other hand, hatching of total eggs of dwarf parent were significantly higher than normal parent for all investigated periods except 30. week of age. It was determined that , dwarf parent were advantageous with respect to stockıng densities, feed consumption and hatching of total eggs.

Keywords: Dwarf,Normal,Broiler Breeder ,Production Traits

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