The Effects of Feed Restriction on Performance and Carcass Composition of Broilers in Finisher Period


Abstract: In this experiment, feed restriction was carried out on 1200 Ross broilers from days 35 to 42 and from days 42 to 49 days in order to determine the effects of feed restriction on performance and carcass traits. The birds consumed either a conventional finisher diet ad libitum, or a finisher diet reduced by 5, 10, 15 or 20%. While there were no changes in dressing percentage, thigh weight, chest weight, wing weight, back weight or feed utilization ratio as a result of feed restriction carried out during the 6th week, the abdominal fat weight, live weight and edible organ' weights (P<0.05) and live weight gains were reduced (P<0.01). Feed restriction carried out during the 7th week caused significant reductions on abdominal fat weights (P<0.01) and live weights, liveweight gains, edible organ weights and other carcass traits (P<0.05).

Keywords: Broilers, feed restriction, body weight, carcass composition

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