Examination of Nucleic Acids of Infectious Bursal Disease Viruses Isolated in Turkey


Abstract: Nucleic acids of infectious bursal disease viruses (IBDV), (Marmara:G3,G12,G41; Agean: G34,G35; Central Anatolia: ETL3) isolated from the infectious bursal disease (IBD) outbreaks occured in chickens during 1990's in Turkey were examined and compared with those of serotype 1 D78 strain using the SDS-PAGE technique. Six field viruses showed two segmented RNA structure similar to the reference strain in silver nitrate stained gel and no differences were detected in the migration distances of the RNA segments among the viruses tested. The field isolate designated G12 that was not characterized before by virus neutralization (VN) test showed two segmented RNA pattern similar to the other viruses in this study and was identified as an IBDV.

Keywords: IBDV, Nucleic Acids, SDS-PAGE

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