Relationships Between Milk Yield Traits and Milk Protein Polymorphism in Brown Swiss Cattle in Turkey


Abstract: In this study, effects of milk protein polymorphism on milk yield traits were investigaed in Brown Swiss cattle. Starch Gel Elektroforesis methods were used for milk protein typing. The data were evaluated by Least squares and Maximum Likelihood Computer Program. Least squares means were found to be 4029.46±251.73 kg for 305 days milk yield, 301.41±14.84 days for lactation length. Effects of \alpha-s_1-cazein, \beta-Lactoglobulin and \kappa-cazein types on milk yield traits were non-significant (p>0.05), while efect of \beta-Casein types were significant (p<0.05). \beta-Ca^{BB} types cows having both shortest lactation periods and lowest 305 da milk yields.

Keywords: Brown Swiss Cattle, Milk Yield, Lactation Length, Milk Protein, Polymorphism

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