Efficacy of Moxidectin against strongylin nematodes in naturally infected horses

Authors: Aynur GÜLANBER, Erkut TÜZER, Ayşen GARGILI, Müfit TOPARLAK, İlker EFİL, Vedat KELEŞ, Meltem ULUTAŞ

Abstract: Twenty naturally infected horses were divided into two groups (10 control and 10 experimental) according to EPG values. An injectable formulation of moxidectin, in a dose of 0.3 mg/kg, was given to the horses orally in jam syrup. The evaluation of drug efficacy was based on EPG values. The same dose of the drug was applied to an additional 25 horses to test for side effects. The drug was found to be highly effective (100%) against strongylin parasites on days 7, 14. and 21. No side effects were observed.

Keywords: Strongylin nematodes, horse, moxidectin, treatment

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