The Serum Zinc and Copper Values of the Morkaraman and Tuj Sheep Grown Up in The Pasture Conditions in and Around Kars

Authors: Necati KAYA, Necati UTLU, Bekir Sami UYANIK, Ayla ÖZCAN

Abstract: This study was performed on 100 sheep, of which 50 were Morkaraman and 50 were Tuj, grown up in the pasture conditions in and around Kars. The serum zinc and copper values of the animals were analysed with Atomic Absorbtion Spectrophotometre. The serum zinc and copper values were respectively determined as; 40.56 ± 5.6 µg/dl, 80.10 ± 7.49 µg/dl in Morkaramans and, 38.72 ± 5.32 µg/dl, 75.04 ± 6.58 µg/dl in Tujs. There were no significant differences between the value of zinc and copper statistically.

Keywords: Serum zinc, copper, Morkaraman and Tuj sheep

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