The Effects of Using Liquid Smoke on Storage Stability of Frankfurters

Authors: Nuray KOLSARICI, Tolga GÜVEN

Abstract: In this research, the effect of liquid smoke on the chemical, microbiological, physical and sensorial properties of Frankfurters were investigated. For this purpose, prepared sausage batters according to the standard formula were stuffed into the casings and divided into three groups before cooking and smoking. Sausages were smoked by using three different methods: natural smoking, dipping into 0.25% liquid smoke for 6 minutes and pulverization of 0.25% liquid smoke for 6 minutes. After cooking, the sausages in each group were vacuum packed. All samples were stored at 4±1°C and analyzed on the day 0 and 7-day intervals thereafter. Total mesophylic aerobic bacterial (TMAB) count, total psychrophilic aerobic bacterial (TPAB) counts, lactic acid bacterial (LAB) counts, pH value, TBA value, nitrosopigment transformation proportion (NP), tintometer color value (AK) and sensorial properties of sausage samples were investigated. According to the results, although both liquid smoking methods did not have any effect on the pH values of sausages, these values changed with storage time in three groups (P<0.01). Interaction between smoking method and storage time had significant effect on the TBA value and NP changing ratio (P<0.01). TBA value of sausages smoked by pulverization was found significantly lower than the sausages smoked naturally after the 14 th day of storage (P<0.01). While NP changing ratio increased significantly during the first two week-period in all groups this value in sausages smoked by pulverization was lower than the other groups until the 35 th day of storage (P<0.01). Furthermore, naturally smoked sausages showed higher tintometer values depending on increasing redness value (AK) than the others. Interaction between smoking method and storage time was not effective on the TMAB counts of sausages (P<0.01) and there were no differences between all groups till the 56 th day of storage. TPAB and LAB counts of all groups changed only depending on the storage time (P<0.01). According to the sensorial evaluation results, although sausages smoked by pulverization generally took lowes scores than naturally smoked sausages (P<0.01), the score of sausages smoked by pulverization did not fall to the unacceptable level during the stor-age time.

Keywords: Frankfurter, sausage, liquid smoked, storage stability.

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