Salmonella arizonaeInfection In A Guinea Pig Breeding Unit

Authors: Aydın GÜREL, Gülbin AYYILDIZ, Nuri TURAN, Tunay PALA, Hüseyin YILMAZ

Abstract: Salmonella arizonae infection was detected in guinea pigs kept for breeding. Two months old 50 quinea pigs were died in the breedig unit. Three death and 2 live guinea pigs were brought to Veterinary Faculty of İstanbul. The live 2 were euthanasied and necropcy was performed on all guinea pigs. The fluid about 50 cc. in the abdomen, the necrosis and pseudomembranes in the liver and spleen were observed. On histopathology, the foci of various coagulative necrosis were seen in the liver. The samples were taken from the liver and spleen for bacteriology and Salmonella arizonae was identified using the standart methods and API-20E.

Keywords: Guinea pig, Salmonella arizonae, Pathological findings.

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