Investigations on the Reproduction Properties of Trouts (Salmo trutta L.) Inhibiting in Ataköy (Tokat) Dam Lake

Authors: Mehmet KARAKAŞ

Abstract: This investigation has been conducted from November 1995 to October 1996. In this period, 251 females and 124 males, totaly 375 trouts were collected and examined. The age of the 375 Salmo trutta collected ranged between 1-7 years. Males begin to mature at an age of 3 years. Females become sexually mature at the fourth years of their life span. The main spawning period for trout occurs to be within the month of February, though a small number of ripe fish were appeared the end of January and the beginning of April. The fecundity of trouts changes from 433 to 2125 per female. Average egg diameter was determined as 4.23 mm.

Keywords: Reproduction Properties, Trouts