The Blood Parameters in Van Cats

Authors: Ali ÇINAR, Dide KILIÇALP, Mecit YÖRÜK

Abstract: In this study, blood parameters of Van cats were investigated. Thirty healhy Van cats were used. Blood was taken from V. saphena of the cats. The means physiological blood parameters were as follows; red blood cell (RBC) 7.66 x 10{^6} / mm ^3 , white blood cell (WBC) 11.75 x 10^3 / mm ^3 eosinophil 0.600 x 10^3 / mm ^3, and blood platelet 4.2 x 10{^5} / mm ^3. The mean hemoglobin concentration (Hb) and hematrocrit value (PCV) were 12.1 g/dl, and 35.1 % respectively. The mean corpuscular volume (MCH), mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) were 46.2 \mu^3 , 15.9 \mu\mugr, and 34.5 % respectively.The sedimentation rate was 4.0 mm/1 hours in vertical situation. The mean erythrocyte diameter was 5.7 \mu. The values of erythrocyte at he begining and en of hemolysis were 0.68 % NaCl, and 0.50 % respectively. The leukocyte formula was determined to be as follows; neutrophil 53%, eosionophil 7%, basophil 0%, lymphocyte 38% and monocyte 2%.

Keywords: Blood parameters, Van cat.