The Effect of Wheat Straw Treated with Different Chemicals on Ruminal Fermentation in Angora Goats

Authors: Cemal ÇAKMAK, İ. Halil ÇERÇİ

Abstract: In this trial, the effects of wheat straws-which is commonly used for feeding ruminants both as roughage and balast matter source-treated with different concentrations HCI (20%, 30% HCI), (S+20-HCI, S+30-HCI) HCI (20%, 30% HCI) + Urea (S+20-HCl+Ü, S+30-HCl+Ü) and Urea (4%) (S+Ü) using ruminal cannules fitted four Angora Goat Bucks on ruminal fermentation were investigated. The avarage pH values of ruminal liquid were found the highest in group S and the lovest in group S+20-HCI+U (p<0.05), and results were found to be significant (p<0.001). The volatile fatty acid levels at two hours after feeding were determined high in all groups compare to before feeding (p<0.05). The amounts of total-N of ruminal liqued and bacterial-N and DAPA-N in bakterial sediment (%/Dm)were found to be higher in the urea treated groups than non urea groups. The DAPA (mg/gDM) concentration of bacterial sediment was found higher in non urea group than other groups.

Keywords: Straw, Chemical treatment, Ruminal Fermentation, Diaminopimelic Acid.