Ultrasonographic and clinicopathological findings in a 7-year-old mare with urine retention


Abstract: A 7-year-old crossbreed mare presented with mild to moderate colic and a 2-day history of anuria. Clinicopathological findings revealed leukocytosis with mild neutrophilia and lymphocytosis. Urinalysis showed increased leukocytes, epithelial cells, and protein. Biochemical analysis revealed mild azotemia and hypoglycemia. Ultrasonographically, the urethra was completely blocked by echoic material. The wall of the urethra was hyperechoic and easy to distinguish from the urethralis muscle surrounding it. The urinary bladder was distended, with a rough, thick wall (9 mm). To the best of the author's knowledge, the present report is the first to describe detailed ultrasonographic and clinicopathological findings in a mare with urine retention.

Keywords: Ultrasonography, clinical pathology, urine retention, mare

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