Genetic polymorphisms of FAM13A1, OPN, LAP3, and HCAP-G genes in Jersey cattle


Abstract: The aim of this experiment was to estimate possible associations between FAM13A1, OPN, LAP3, and HCAP-G genotypes and some milk performance traits, like daily milk yields (kg), protein content (%), and fat content (%). The study included 181 Jersey cows. The polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism and artificial constructed restriction sites methods were used to identify genotypes. The minor allele frequencies were as follow: FAM13A1 G/A 0.34, FAM13A1 A/C 0.44, OPN T/C 0.22, OPN G/T 0.38, LAP3 0.07, and HCAP-G 0.49. No associations were observed between the single-nucleotide polymorphisms in analyzed loci and the traits in this study; however, the findings showed some tendencies towards reaching lower or higher values of a given trait by an individual of a given genotype.

Keywords: Jersey cattle, milk performance traits, BTA6

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