Synchronization of Oestrous and the Possibilities of Improving Reproductive Performance by Using Progestagen and PMSG in White Karaman Ewes

Authors: Dilek ARSOY BAŞARAN, Gürsel DELLAL

Abstract: This study was carried out in White Karaman ewes (n=75) to increase reproductive performance and synchronize oestrous by using progestagen pessaries (40 mg FGA) and PMSG (500 I.U) during the breeding season. The oestrous was synchronized at the ratio of 97% and hand mating was performed only once after 48 hours of PMSG injection. Lambing was completed with in 10 days in treatment group and with in 45 days in control group (n=250). Fertility, multiple birth rates, fecondity and prolificacy in treatment and control groups were found as 97.00% and 91.00% (P<0.05), 67.00% and 29.00% (P<0.01), 165.3% and 117.2%, 170.0% and 129.0%, respectively. Progestagen and PMSG treatment syncorized oestrous effevtively and increasec fretility and prolificacy importantly in White Karaman ewes.

Keywords: Progestagen, PMSG, White Karaman ewes