The Effects of Vitamin E on some Haematological and Biochemical values in the lambs

Authors: Mustafa NAZIROĞLU, Mehmet ÇAY, Mesut AKSAKAL, Emin AKGÜL

Abstract: This study has been done to determine the effect of vitamin E on some blood haematological and biochemical values in lambs. Four Akkaraman lambs were fed with vitamin E (DL-/alpha tocopheryl acetate) supplemented diet (250 mg/kg feed) and four lambs were used as control. The blood biochemical and haematological values were measured at 1, 2, 4, 6 and 10 weeks. The blood ammonia nitrogen levels of all lambs were measured weekly intervals and at three times (Before feeding and at the 3rd and 6th hours after feeding). The haemoglobin and serum glucose levels were higher (p<0.05) and the activity of LDH levels were lower (P<0.01) in vitamin E supplemented lambs than those of control. The blood ammenia nitrogen levels at the 6th hours after feeding were higher levels in vitamin E supplemented group than that of control (P<0.01) Vitamin E supplementation did not cause any changes on white blood cells and red blood cells counts and packet cell volume, MCV, MCH, MCHC, Erytrocyte Osmotic Fraglity and the activity of ALP, Amylase, SGPT, CK, ASP, SGOT and levels of Cholosterol, T. Protein, Uric acid, Triglycerides, Urea Nitrogen, Creatinine, Albumin, Ca^{++} Chloride, Phosphorus Na+^and K+^.

Keywords: Blood Ammonia Nitrogen, Biochemical levels, Haemotological values, Vitamin E, Lambs