Seroprevalance of Babesia ovis in Sheep in Elazig

Authors: Nazir DUMANLI, Ergün KÖROĞLU, Ali DÜZGÜN, Muhammet ANGIN, Nihal KÜÇÜKERDEN

Abstract: A total of 331 sheep sera from 19 different herds in Elazig and the surronding regions were tested for antibody against Babesia ovis using the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELiSA) test. In addition, periferal blood semears from these sheep were prepared and examined for B. ovis. The ELiSA test showed that 45.0% of sheep were seropositive for B. ovis infection. Infection rate was 24.3% in ship which were 1-12 months old and 47.6% in sheep which were older than one year. The result of the microscopical examination of blood smears was negative in terms of B. ovis.

Keywords: Sheep, Babesia ovis, serology, ELISA