Interfragmental fixation of rostral mandibular fracture with cerclage wire in a thoroughbred English horse


Abstract: The patient in this study was a 20-year-old thoroughbred gelding. After clinical and radiographical assessments, a bilateral rostral mandibular body fracture was determined. Fracture stabilization was achieved via a bilateral interfragmentary cerclage wire application. The horse started to use its jaw within 24 h of surgery. Postoperative radiographs were taken until month 6, at different periods, and fracture healing was evaluated. Fixation materials were left in place. Fracture healing occurred with a rostral part malocclusion. The purpose of this study was to give clinical information about mandibular fractures and treatment of these fractures in a horse.

Keywords: Horse, mandibula fracture, interfragmental fixation, cerclage wire

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