Hydrosalpinx and hydrobursitis in infertile goats


Abstract: Five adult female goats were brought to our veterinary hospital with infertility. Ultrasonography showed what seemed to be hydrometra or cystic lesion in the genital region of 18-month-old twin local breed female goats. After slaughter of the does and excision of the genital tract, a macroscopic examination revealed bilateral hydrosalpinx and extreme dilation of the ovarian bursa with complete capsulation of the active ovary in the cystic ovarian bursa on each side. Amber to dark brown fluid fully filled the oviduct and the cystic structure of the ovarian bursa. Microscopically, the ovarian bursa showed an obvious chronic inflammation and an increase in the connective tissue. The oviduct revealed either no mucosal folds or semi-flattened mucosal folds. The possible causes of this pathological case and its significance are discussed in this report. We claim that this pathological condition has not been reported before in goats.


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