Negative Photoconductivity in Cd_{1-x}Zn_{x}S Films Deposited From the Solution

Authors: Emil GUSEIHOV, Elmira ZAMANOVA, Maarif JAFAROV, Ilgar NASIBOV, Ateş TEZER

Abstract: Cd_{1-x}Zn_{x}S samples with thickness of 8-10\mum on glass ceramic substrates were obtained by the chemical deposition from aqueous solution. The current voltage (I-V) characteristics, photo and dark conductivities, their kinetics and current-illumination characteristics were investigated. The main regularities of negative photoconductivity are explained on the base of the barrier model. The negative photoconductivity (NPC) observed in Cd_{1-x}Zn_{x}S fils unlike that of described, is characterized by a wide range of temperature, applied field, intensity and the wavelength of exciting light when NPC multiplicity is too high (I_{dc}/I_{pc}\geq 10^{ 3}).