Profiling of Lithium and Potassium into Silicon

Authors: ALI M. MOUSA

Abstract: The profiling of Lithium and Potassium into Silicon doped by electro deposition from molten salts (LiBr, KI) has been studied for various time periods and deposition currents. For the samples studied, changes in the deposition time and current have significant effects on the conductivity type and sheet resistance variation. This has been attributed to the high value of solid solubility of Lithium and Potassium in Silicon. Additionally, surface concentration variation with depth is affected significantly by variation in deposition time, particular for samples with a deposition time of 7 minutes. A junction was found 156 microns from the surface. For constant deposition current diffusion profiles, show two distinguishing regions; one with large diffusivity and the second with a small diffusion constant.

Keywords: Semiconductor, Diffusion, Sheet resistance, Surface concentration.

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