Monte Carlo simulation of a medical linear accelerator for filtered and FFF systems


Abstract: In order to simulate radiation transport, various algorithms, codes, and programs have been developed. In this study Monte Carlo N-particle code is used to simulate a medical electron linear accelerator gantry for research purposes. Detailed geometry of the LINAC head and water phantom are modeled and simulated for calculations. Analyses are made for filtered and flattening filter-free (FFF) systems. Percent depth dose and dose profile measurements are calculated with Monte Carlo simulations and compared with experimental and theoretical values for quality assurance of the model. Flux, dose, and spectrum analyses are performed for filtered and FFF systems separately. In this study, it was aimed to run the linear accelerator in a computer environment for different purposes, and this aim was achieved.

Keywords: Monte Carlo method, Monte Carlo N-particle code, linear accelerator, simulation flattening filter-free

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