Resonant electron transfer and L-shell excitation for _{26}Fe^{19+} and _{30}Zn^{23+} ions


Abstract: Resonant transfer and excitation (RTE) involving simultaneous electron capture and projectile L-shell excitation has been calculated for Fe^{19+} and Zn^{23+} ions, in charge states ranging from nitrogen-like to oxygen-like incident on molecular hydrogen over an energy range 0--250 MeV. By the same way the calculations have been performed with helium over an energy range 0--300 MeV. The calculations are carried out using the angular momentum average (AMA) scheme in the isolated resonance approximation (IRA). This method was previously used to calculate RTE cross sections for N-like P^{8+} and Ca^{13+}, where the results are found to agree with the present calculations. The present calculations are expected to serve as references for future comparison with experimental and theoretical works in different coupling schemes.

Keywords: Transition probability, resonant transfer excitation

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