Physical and Chemical Analysis and Diagrams of State in A^{1} B^{3}C^{6}_{2}-TlB^{3}C^{6}_{2} Systems

Authors: Mamedali Elmira KERIMOVA, Jamil Gasan GUSEINOV, Famil MAMEDOV

Abstract: A^{1}B^{3}C^{6}_{2} and TlB^{3}C^{6}_{2} compound semiconductors are the most promissing nonlinear optical materials with wide transparency range (0,5-13) \mum, high nonlinear efficiency (3-8) \cdot 10^{-8} (where \lambda= 10,6 \mu$m) and having birefringence. Physical and chemical investigations on univalent cation substitution in these class compounds have been carried out to show the possibility of controlling the above mentioned materials. Regions having solid solutions have been defined and diagrams of state of CuInS_{2}-TlInSe_{2}, AgInS_{2}-TlInS_{2}, CuInSe_{2}-TlInSe_{2}, AgInSe_{2}-TlInSe_{2}, CuGaSe_{2}-TlGaSe_{2}, AgGaS_{2}-TlGaS_{2} systems have been plotted according to differential-thermal X-ray-phase analyses and resistance measurements.