Induced Cat^1-groups

Authors: MURAT ALP

Abstract: In this paper we define the pullback cat^1-group and show that this Pullback has a right adjoint which is the induced cat^1-group. Later we show that this right adjoint is a pushout of category of cat^1-groups. We calculate the Peiffer subgroups to find a finite group of the source of induced cat^1-groups. The generating set of Peiffer subgroups are also given in this paper. All results are corrected by a GAP[13] program package in [4]. This paper also contains the some computational examples which are the calculation-induced cat^1-group and comparative times between the induced crossed modules and induced cat^1-groups.

Keywords: Pullback, Crossed module, Cat1-group, induced crossed modules, induced cat^1-groups, Peiffer commutators, cocomplete, GAP.

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