Some results on T-noncosingular modules


Abstract: The notion of T-noncosingularity of a module has been introduced and studied recently. In this article, a number of new results of this property are provided. It is shown that over a commutative semilocal ring R such that Jac(R) is a nil ideal, every T-noncosingular module is semisimple. We prove that for a perfect ring R, the class of T-noncosingular modules is closed under direct sums if and only if R is a primary decomposable ring. Finitely generated T-noncosingular modules over commutative rings are shown to be precisely those having zero Jacobson radical. We also show that for a simple module S, E(S) \oplus S is T-noncosingular if and only if S is injective. Connections of T-noncosingular modules to their endomorphism rings are investigated.

Keywords: Small submodules, T-noncosingular modules, endomorphism rings

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