Sliding Mode Control of a Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Structural System With Active Tuned Mass Damper


Abstract: In this study, a sliding mode control system is designed for a multi-degree-of-freedom structure having an Active Tuned Mass Damper (ATMD) to suppress earthquake or wind induced vibration. Since the model might have uncertainties and/or parameter changes, sliding mode control is preferred because of its robust character and superior performance. In addition this control method can easily be applied to non-linear systems. The simulated system has five degrees of freedom. In this study, a linear motor is used as the control device. At the end of the study, the time history of the floor displacements, control voltage and frequency response of the both uncontrolled and sliding mode controlled structures are presented and the results are discussed.

Keywords: Sliding mode control, Active tuned mass damper (ATMD), multi-degree-of-freedom structure, Earthquake or wind induced vibration.

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