Comparative analysis of a novel topology for single-phase Z-source inverter with reduced number of switches


Abstract: Z-source inverter has recently been introduced to overcome the limitations of conventional voltage source inverter. This paper deals with a novel topology of single-phase Z-source inverter (ZSI). This topology reduced the number of passive elements and active switches in order to make the inverter cheaper and smaller in size compared to traditional ZSI. Detailed analysis of the proposed topology is presented in this paper which includes calculations of boost factor, total harmonic disorder, magnitude of output voltage etc. Modulation technique used to control the switching of the proposed inverter is explained in detail. This paper also compares the proposed topology with conventional topologies of Z-source inverter. Simulation results of MATLAB and real-time simulators are shown to explain the working of the proposed topology.

Keywords: Voltage source inverter, Z-source inverter, shoot-through state, LC-network

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