Field-veri ed integrated EAF-SVC-electrode positioning model simulation and a novel hybrid series compensation control for EAF


Abstract: In this paper, modeling and simulation of a typical steel-making network are realized using MATLAB Simulink environment and validated using trends collected from an actual steel plant. The models integrate different reactions between an electric arc furnace (EAF), a static Var compensator, and electrode positioning systems according to a previously introduced theory of operations. In addition, the conventional electrode positioning control performance is compared with the new hybrid series compensation control method to demonstrate the superiority of the new method regarding system response. With help of the proposed series compensation, the reference resistance value was restored 2.5 s faster than the conventional method alone for the same disturbance on the electrodes. The improved response speed will be re ected in maximum power transfer to EAF electrodes, minimum on-tap heat time, efficiency of power consumption of electrodes arm positioning system, and consumption per heat of electrodes and refractories.

Keywords: Electric arc furnace, static Var compensator, electrodes positioning, power quality, harmonics

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