An optimized multiobjective CPU job scheduling using evolutionary algorithms


Abstract: Scheduling in a multiprocessor parallel computing environment is an NP-hard optimization problem. The main objective of this work is to obtain a schedule in a distributed computing system (DCS) environment that minimizes the makespan and maximizes the throughput. We study the use of two of the evolutionary swarm optimization techniques, the firefly algorithm and the arti cial bee colony (ABC) algorithm, to optimize the scheduling in a DCS. We also enhance the traditional ABC algorithm by merging the genetic algorithm techniques of crossover and mutation with the employed bee phase and the onlooker phase, respectively. The resulting enhanced ABC algorithm is used as the scheduling algorithm and is evaluated against the re y and ABC algorithms. The results obtained show that in a distributed environment with a large number of jobs and resources, multiobjective scheduling using evolutionary algorithms can perform well in terms of minimizing makespan and maximizing throughput.

Keywords: Fire y algorithm, makespan, throughput, arti cial bee colony algorithm, crossover, mutation

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