Joint transceiver FIR filter design for multiuser MIMO channel shortening equalization and full equalization using channel duality


Abstract: In this work, joint transceiver filter design for channel shortening equalization is studied for a multiuser multiple input multiple output (MIMO) frequency selective channel. We develop algorithms for the multiuser MIMO, broadcast, multiple access, and interference channel models, where the link between these models is established via channel duality. We also provide an algorithm for full equalization of these channel models as a special case of the proposed channel shortening equalizer.The main contributions of this paper are investigating the multiuser scenario for the joint transceiver design for MIMO channel shortening equalization and extending the channel duality theorem to shortening equalization and full equalization problems.

Keywords: Channel shortening, equalization, frequency selective, joint transmitter--receiver design, multiple input multiple output, multiuser, channel duality,

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