A new approach for minimizing torque ripple in a BLDC motor drive with a front end IDO dc-dc converter


Abstract: This paper proposes a front end integrated dual output (IDO) dc-dc converter for commutation torque ripple reduction in a permanent magnet brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive. The current ripple owed to the inductance and resistance of the motor during commutation instant results in torque ripple. In this work the dc link voltage of the converter is varied at commutation instants to minimize current ripple and hence torque ripple. The wider output range and faster response of the IDO converter make it a suitable choice as a front end converter for minimizing torque ripple. Simulation results validate the proposed converter for the BLDC motor drive. Experimental analysis of a conventional drive is performed to verify the simulation results.

Keywords: Commutation torque ripple, brushless DC motor, integrated dual output dc-dc converter

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